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If you enjoy talking to people, being a tutor through Cambly may be a great option for you to make some extra money. On Cambly, you get to talk to people from all over the world, getting to learn about different cultures and personalities while giving people the opportunity to practice their English skills.


Through Cambly, you get to set your own schedule, any times and any days. With students located worldwide, you will find many opportunities to tutor during the different time zones throughout the world. Students often just want to chat and practice their conversational skills, with occasional correction throughout. Some students may request the lessons that are offered through Cambly. People who want tutoring or conversation choose you based on your profile, education, interests, and/or experience. The Cambly classroom allows you to pull up lessons, games, and to screen share if you want to show the student something else online.

Cambly provides a different opportunity for children, Cambly Kids. This requires you to apply separately. Cambly Kids uses the same teaching platform but provides the kids with lessons that you guide them through.

It’s a great opportunity to get to meet different people worldwide, and it’s also been so fun working with kids who are also so excited to see you and learn from you.


The biggest con of working with Cambly is the pay. Currently, it is $10/hour working with adults and $12/hour working with children, and apparently it is very rare when Cambly raises the payrate. Also, keep in mind that you are an independent contractor through Cambly, not an employee.

It does take time to build up students who want classes with you consistently, though if you are warm, outgoing, and helpful you will attract students, especially kids!

Another negative is that the lessons are often lacking and are more supplemental for the student rather than a complete curriculum.

How to Apply to Cambly

If you’ve never applied to teach or tutor, feel free to contact us for application help. An important thing to remember is that you will be working with people who’s first language is not English, so you will want to get in the mindset of speaking slower with more simple sentences until either you know that your student is more advanced or he/she becomes a more advanced speaker. If you are required to provide Cambly with a profile video, you will want to remember to speak slowly and clearly as well.

Although it would be hard to make a living off of Cambly, you can easily make some money while also making lifelong friends. I have several regular students that I see each week and absolutely enjoy! Start your application process today!

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