Taking Care of Your Animals During a Power Outage

Taking care of animals during a power outage can be crucial, especially for their health and well-being. Here are some tips depending on the type of animal you have:

General Tips:

  • Stay calm: Your calmness will help keep your animals calm as well.
  • Stay informed: Monitor weather updates and estimated restoration times.
  • Safety first: Use flashlights instead of candles to avoid fire hazards. Ensure proper ventilation if using generators.
  • Water: Ensure your animals have clean, fresh water. If electric waterers are unavailable, use manual alternatives like buckets or gravity flow waterers.
  • Food: Feed your animals as close to their regular schedule as possible. If their food requires refrigeration, find alternative feeding options or use ice to keep it cold for a while.
  • Temperature: Provide adequate warmth or cooling depending on the weather and your animal’s needs.
    • For warmth: Use extra bedding, towels, or huddling together for smaller animals. Consider body heat sharing (sleeping with pets under blankets) when safe.
    • For cooling: Keep them in ventilated areas with shade or cool surfaces. Provide ice packs or frozen water bottles wrapped in towels for pets to lie on.

Specific tips for different animals:


  • Dogs and cats: Offer familiar toys and activities to keep them occupied. Consider a calming harness or pheromone sprays if anxious.
  • Small animals (rodents, rabbits, birds): Insulate their cages with towels or blankets. Ensure proper ventilation. Offer additional bedding for burrowing animals.
  • Fish: Battery-operated air pumps can help maintain oxygen levels. Keep the tank partially covered to reduce heat loss.
  • Reptiles: Use heat packs or hand warmers wrapped in towels for warmth. Avoid direct contact.


  • Horses, cattle, sheep: Provide access to hay or other roughage for warmth and digestion. Ensure access to water, even if it’s not heated.
  • Poultry: Move chickens to a sheltered area with adequate ventilation. Provide additional bedding and nesting materials.
  • Pigs: Provide extra bedding and ensure ventilation. Monitor closely for signs of overheating.

Remember, the specific needs of your animals will vary depending on the species, age, health, and environment. Always prioritize their safety and well-being during a power outage.

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