Storing & Preserving Raspberries

If you have your own raspberry patch, you may end up with more raspberries that you can eat fresh. Unfortunately, they only last a day or two in the refrigerator. Let’s look at the ways you can store them long-term.

What can you do with all these raspberries?

Freeze Raspberries

  1. Lay your raspberries flat on a tray. Make sure there is room between the berries so they don’t get stuck frozen together.
  2. Freeze for about 3 hours.
  3. Remove the raspberries from the tray and place in an airtight container. Place back into the freezer to store. They will store for about a year.

They are a great little snack frozen right from the freezer. Through them in your smoothies or ice cream. Add them to lemonade. Bake breads, muffins, and desserts with them.

Can Raspberries

You can preserves fresh raspberries by canning them in water, white grape juice, or apple juice. Heat up the liquid you choose. Fill your jars with fresh raspberries and the hot liquid, leaving 1/2 inch headspace. You can follow the guidelines from the National Center for Home Food Preservation for canning times.

Canned raspberries also are great with smoothies and ice cream. You can bake with them and make jam.

In the summer, enjoy as many fresh berries as you can, but then take the time to preserve the rest for the winter. You will be pleased for that fresh taste of warmer days when you use your preserved raspberries!

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