Save Money on Gas

I think we all are feeling the pain at the pump as gas prices continue to rise, but let’s contemplate some ways we can save money on gas.

Learning Frugality at the Pump

I think we all brace ourselves each time we go past the local gas station. Has it gone up again? What is it now? Should I fill it up or just top it off? Here are some ways that I cope with the rising gas prices.

  • Keep your tank filled up and just top off as soon as it goes between 3/4 – 2/3 of a tank. Not only will you feel better about putting in $30 instead of $100, but also if prices continue to rise you won’t be filling up a whole tank at the more expensive price.
  • Start to add the cost of gas into the total amount you plan to spend when you leave the house, and then contemplate whether or not the whole trip is worth your money. So if you decide to take the kids out to eat, add in the cost you’ll spend in gas. If you are going through a drive-thru, remember that you may be sitting in your running car for a while. Is it worth it? Maybe consider saving gas and food money and make something at home instead.
  • Combine trips. If you do decide to go out to eat as described above, envision the stores and businesses you will go past on the way. The bank? The grocery store? The post office? Run a few important errands to make the most of your trip. Determine other ways to combine your errands to save gas.
  • Compare prices from gas station to gas station. In the past, the prices around here only differed by cents, but now they can easily range from .10-.40 differences. That can add up fast! That may mean compromising by driving down the block or choosing the busier gas station, but it may help save you money on a weekly basis.
  • Consider working from home if you don’t already work from home, talk to your boss about how you can work from home, even for just a couple days a week.
  • Sign up for gas station perks that offer cents off per gallon. Some stores may even offer coupons that give you cents off the gallon from their own gas station.

What are some ways you are working to save money on gas? Please leave your tips in the comments below!

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