Planting Fruit Trees

Planting fruit trees is a great way to be sustainable. It’s afford about and easy to do as long as you have a yard. There are a few things to consider before you get started.

  • Check your growing zone, but also take other factors into consideration. I live in Zone 4, but because of the tall trees surrounding my property I have lost trees that were labeled Zone 4 and winder hardly to the cold.
  • Research cross-pollination for the trees you want to plant. Many fruit trees, including apples and pears, require you to plant two trees to pollinate. You don’t want to buy just one and then end up with an apple tree but no fruit. Some apple trees are listed as self-pollinating, however if you plant two you will usually see that each of your trees bear more fruit regularly than without being pollinated.
  • Compare prices, ratings and sizes of trees from a variety of nurseries and stores. Remember that cheaper isn’t always better. Getting a little twig that has plenty of poor ratings may not be worth it. Fruit trees take years to grow. If you can afford a tree that is a little bigger with good roots from a reputable nursery, you are giving yourself a jumpstart to eating fresh home-grown fruit.
  • Take note if your nursery offers bare root trees or potted trees. Bare root trees generally are more affordable, adjust quicker, and are easier to carry and transplant. However, they do need to be planted right away and have a narrower window for planting time.

You bought your fruit trees. Now what?

We decided to go with bare root trees. They’re easy to transport.

Transplanting the trees are pretty basic. Dig a hole, put in the tree, bury the roots, and water. Make sure to dig the hole wide enough so the roots can spread out.

This hole needs to be wider. The roots don’t comfortably fit.
Having a helper is great for digging!

Watering your fruit tree is very important for its first year of growth. Most places recommend mulching around the base and watering frequently to help the roots get established.

Planting fruit trees is not only a great way to help you on your path to self-sufficiency, but it also is leaving a legacy. Many fruit trees have a lifespan of 400 – 100 years! Take good care of your new fruit trees, and they will provide for you.

Forget going to the store – fresh fruit right from the tree!

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