Giving Useful, Affordable, Quality Gifts

Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, birthdays, graduations… It seems like we are always needing to buy gifts for people, and its often hard finding something they would want and use. Also, as the economy continues to weaken, you sure don’t want to waste your money on something that sits on the shelf waiting to be re-gifted. We are going to look at a variety of ideas that will get you thinking about what to give that you can afford and that your recipient will appreciate.

Affordable AND Useful Gift Ideas:

Heated Blanket A heated blanket is a great gift for anyone! Even if they already have one, a spare or one for a different room is always appreciated. A Christmas gift that anyone would want.

An electric blanket is a perfect gift!

Essential Oils & Diffuser If your recipient already has a diffuser, chances are they would love having another for a different part of their house. If they don’t already have an essential oil diffuser, they may be surprised how comforting and useful it is. A wonderful Mother’s Day gift or wedding gift.

5 in 1 Tool Pen Or 6 in 1 or 7 in 1, depending on where you shop and what you find. It is such a unique and fun tool that can definitely come in handy! Great for a college student or a good Father’s Day gift.

Life Straw Water Filter This is a great gift for the person in your life who loves to camp or even a traveler who is concerned about what they are drinking in the water as they go.

Window Solar Charger This amazing, unique gift is a very reasonable priced item that anyone could use! It will charge your cell phone, tablet, and other small devices. Also, great to have on hand for a power outage. Excellent gift for graduations, birthday, or Christmas.

Bee House Buy a bee house for the gardener in your life. Your recipient knows that bees are essential for their plants and trees to fruit. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthday gift idea.

Sprouting Seeds Kit There are many different types of sprouts you can grow to eat fresh, add to a salad, or fry up with a dish. This unique gift makes growing easy and fun, even in the winter!

Portable Smart Projector This gift can be a little more expensive, a great wedding gift, is such an incredible idea that your recipient will love! Stream a movie on a wall from your phone, Netflix, YouTube, and more!

Laptop Stand This is a wonderful gift idea that can elevate a laptop to standing height for anyone who works in an office or works on a computer at home. Studies have been coming out about the health benefits of being about to stand at your desk, in fact some companies are switching to standing desk options for their employees. Great for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthday, Christmas, or new job gift.

Save a back with a laptop stand.

Key Multitool This key shaped multitool easily fits in a pocket or can be attached to a keychain for problem solving of an issue on the go. This unique little gift can be very helpful for anyone!

Beeswax Food Wraps These aren’t just for the eco friendly or the person on a budget. They are for anyone! Useful, saves money, and they are cute too! Bridal shower gift, wedding gift, birthday, Mothers Day, Christmas idea!

Compost Bin A kitchen compost bin is another economical idea for your gardener, and there are many attractive bins that look good in the kitchen and are decided to retain any smell. Mother’s Day, birthday, bridal shower gift idea.

Reusable Collapsible Water Bottle More and more people are carrying around water bottles to stay hydrated, but when the bottle is empty it becomes a bit of a nuisance which is probably why so many people loose their bottles so often! However, this collapsible bottle can be tossed into a briefcase, backpack, diaper bag, or purse when empty. So convenient for anyone!

Instant Pot An instant pot is a wonderful gift for a wedding present, birthday, or Mother’s Day gift. Cook easy and fast or use the crockpot setting. There are cookbooks and websites specifically for all the recipes you can use with an instant pot.

Manual Food Chopper Manual food choppers have come a long with in convenience and durability. This is a great gift for anyone who isn’t excited about yet another electronic gadget. It also is an awesome camping gift. Mother’s Day, birthday, bridal shower, Christmas gift idea.

Mug Warmer Today’s mug warmers are sleek looking and have a variety of shapes and colors. Your tea or coffee lover will appreciate the auto shut off and temperature control features.

A mug warmer can keep liquids hot for hours!

Food Growing Kits There are some amazing food growing kits that provide the grower with the satisfaction of pesticide free food that they grew in their own kitchen any time of he year. Mushroom kits, herb growing kits, strawberries, tomatoes, lettuce and more!

Fruit/Nut Trees If your gift recipient lives in an area where he or she has a little extra yard space, a fruit or nut tree is a wonderful and affordable investment that will provide them with benefits for many years! Just remember to check your variety to see if you need a pollinator and refer to the specific tree for the time of year it needs to be planted.

Fruit and nut trees are great gifts for someone with a little extra yard room.

Food Baskets For that person that has it all, try shopping in the specialty food isle or the natural/organic food isle to find something interesting and unique. Create a gift bag or basket with interesting food items that will be useful, edible, and fun to try! Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthday, Christmas gifts.

Water Resistant Laptop Backpack This is a nice option for a business person or student. Having a waterproof option or even a backup can be a lifesaver! This gift idea would work very well for a graduation gift, new job, birthday, or Christmas gift.

Electric Car Blanket For those living in colder regions, you may just become someone’s hero with this one-of-a-kind gift. It’s great for a driving emergency or even just a really cold day! It would make an especially fun Christmas gift!

Wool Dryer Balls These dryer balls would be a very nice option for a bridal shower gift or a wedding gift. They eliminate the need for wasteful and chemical filled dryer sheets.

Pocket Knife Set There are so many great pocket knife sets that can have extra self-defense or tool features. This can be great for a student or a birthday gift.

Finding a unique gift for a friend or family member can bring the fun back into gift giving. Look for specials and sales, shop around, and enjoy the experience of the pleasure that giving a gift can be!

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