Finding Jars for Canning

Canning food is so rewarding!

It’s that time of year when produce is flowing in so fast that it’s often hard to keep up! Maybe you have a generous neighbor or are a part of a coop. Eating and storing your food so it doesn’t waste is probably on your mind. Whether you freeze it, can it, eat a vegetarian diet for the summer, or share with friends, when you put work and money into your garden, you sure don’t want it to go to waste! Canning is a great way to store your produce for the winter without using the freezer space up. However, finding jars can often be a challenge, especially affordable jars! Here are a few ideas for attaining jars. Leave a comment if you have other ideas too!

Shop at Your Local Farm & Garden Store

Often your local farm and garden store will have jars on the shelf when the other locations have run out, and their prices usually are hard to beat! Make sure to price check with other stores in your area as this may not always be the case. While you’re there, grab some extra lids for the next year! You never know when we’ll go through a shortage again!

Shop at the Dollar Store

You don’t want to bother looking at the $1.25 stores for a deal on jars, but the Dollar General and any other “dollar stores” may have jars. One thing to note would be that jars I have seen at the Dollar General, while they are an excellent price, they are also may in China. The quality of these jars has been scrutinized by other home canning individuals. Some people think they are just fine and others more skeptical.

Thrift Stores & Rummage Sales

Thrift stores and rummage sales are a great place to look for excellent deals on jars. Often people will clean out their basement and decide these empty jars just take up too much space. Though others realize the treasure they have and over price their jars. Keep an eye out for that! Also, remember that they are used jars. Check for cracks in the jars. Also, check the rims for any chips in the glass. Do not use jars with cracks or chips!

Borrow from Family or Friends

Post on social media and ask around, especially to your older relatives who don’t can anymore. They may be thrilled to help you out and give you or even loan their jars. My mom doesn’t can very much anymore and was very happy to lend me a dozen pint jars the other day. And again, keep in mind they are used jars, so check for cracks and chips in the glass.

Canning is supposed to be healthy and thrifty. Don’t get caught up in the rush to stock up at high costs. Ask around. Look around. Happy canning!

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