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Very often the things we are good at can earn us a little money too. What comes easy for you may not come easy for someone else, and they may need to pay someone to help them out. This may not always be a work at home job, but being able to set your own job limitations, prices, and times makes you the boss. So what kind of talents could bring in some cash? Here are a few ideas to get you thinking:


There are a lot of people who have a knack for naturally finding the perfect background, lighting, and poses, and there are many more people who are looking for a photographer that can take their photos. Offer a couple of free sittings, meet at a park, and just have fun! This will help you get the hang of taking someone’s photos in a relaxed environment as well as start to build a portfolio. And if the people are happy with your work, ask them to refer you! You can start charging low if you want, but also don’t undervalue your time. If you don’t have a website yet but need customers to get going, post on your social media that you have openings for photo sessions. Try posting on community groups that you are offering a special price for the first 10 people. In no time, you will have enough photos to build a little site and start a Facebook business page. Keep your Facebook business page updated, so that you continue to remind people you are here and ready for more work!

Turn that passion into money!

Yard Care

People are so busy and often painful stake out time to mow their lawn, shovel the snow from their sidewalk, rake the leaves, and weed their little flowerbeds or gardens. If you don’t live in a neighborhood where you can walk door to door, drive into an area that looks like they have been busy based on the current appearance of their yard. Park your vehicle and walk from house to house offering your services. You’ll find a lot of people not only happy to support your entrepreneurship spirit but also glad they don’t have to do it themselves this week.

Grow Starter Plants

In spring, so many people begin to think about their gardens and often start looking for starter plants to get a head start on the growing season, especially in shorter growing climates. If you have a green thumb, you can start your own plants inside of your house and sell them. Let friends, family, and co-workers know. Post it on social media. Join Facebook community groups. If your plants are healthy and your prices are competitive, you’ll run out of plants before you know it! Get started on vegetables, herbs, and flowers right away!

Gardening is fun, satisfying, and easy to do.

Sewing Skills

If you are able to sew, you could offer your skills to anyone in need of some repair. Clothing, blankets, soft toys… As things get harder to purchase and prices go up, people are starting to prefer a fix to what they have instead of just throwing it out. Spread the word! You can fix it

Arts & Crafts

Do you scrapbook, work with clay, sew quilts, make handmade coasters, soap, candles, or jewelry? So many options for someone who is creative and likes to make things. Think about what you like to make and consider turning it into a part-time job. These items you create can be wonderful, unique gifts for people to purchase. Decide if you want to make a batch to sell as is or offer custom made creations. Maybe both! Advertise on social media and through your friends and family. So many of us are looking for that one-of-a-kind gift for the next gift-giving event!

You can also give soap or other crafts as gifts for every occasion.


There are so many families looking for safe, reliable, nurturing in-home child care providers. Choosing to provide childcare from your home is a big commitment but also very rewarding. You can decide if you want to offer part-time care or full-time care. Is there an age that you are more comfortable with or an age you do not want to take in? Get an idea of the times you want to be available, but remember that the more flexible you are, the more valuable you are for a family. Look for a local, compatible family on Facebook, Craigslist, or If you love children, in-home childcare is a great way to make good money!

Grocery Delivery

There are a lot of new companies that provide grocery shopping and delivery for those in need, but don’t underestimate the value of personal service. Many elderly will appreciate someone who can regularly help them, who comes to know their specific wants, and who will go the extra mile like making multiple stops, bringing the groceries into their house, and often even putting the groceries away. Spread the word through friends and family. People looking for help will appreciate the personal referral.

Shopping for others can become a fulltime job if you want.

Pet Sitting

Pet sitting is another great way to make some extra money either from the comfort of your own home or from a friend or family member’s home. Some people need care for their dogs while they are at work. Others want care for all their animals while they travel. It can be a fun and easy job. Check the local competitors to get an idea of the prices you should charge. Like childcare, you can look on and advertise on Facebook, Craigslist, and

Clean Houses

Some people make a good living off of cleaning houses for people. It’s good to start out researching what people are charging in your area. But keep in mind that some people are willing to make more for someone who comes in and works really hard. Other people prefer to pay a little less but don’t mind if you take your time, eat lunch on the job, and check your phone occasionally. Housekeeping may keep you on your feet, but it can be a great way to earn money while choosing your hours and pay.

You may need to bring your own supplies or the owner of the house may provide them.

Music Lessons

If you are musically talented, consider giving piano lessons. With everything going on today, a lot of people prefer to have virtual lessons via skype or zoom, but you also can have students come to your home, meet at their home, or rent a piano room at a local school, university, or music store. Piano, guitar, and singing may be the most popular lessons that are given, but if you know a different instrument, you may become sought after and also able to charge more for your specialty.

When it comes to making money, the sky’s the limit. Think about what you like to do and what you are good at. Remember, not everyone has the same talents, so get ready to share yours!

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