Check Your Credit Card Statements

Check Your Monthly Credit Card Statements – Save Money

Check your credit card statements each month.

Do you check and verify your credit card statements each month, or do you just make payments and forget about it until the next month? If you are like many people, in a hurry and just paying the bill, you may want to consider taking a few minutes each month to open your statement and survey your buying history.

5 Reasons To Check Your Monthly Credit Card Statement:

First: It seems like almost anyone you talk to has had their credit card information stolen. The sooner you catch it, the quicker it will be to stop the spending and the more likely you will be refunded all the stolen money.

Second: Last month you cancelled a service or membership, but when you check your statement there is the charge for it again on this month’s statement. This happened to me this year. I called the company to cancel. Two month’s later, I still received charges on my bill. I had to call up again and will be keeping a close eye on my next statement.

Third: Sometimes we forget about a small monthly service that we are being charged for and no longer use. Each month it may seem like a small charge, but it adds up fast! Time to monitor our card statements and cancel anything we are not using.

Fourth: It’s important to check your credit card statements for any billing errors. Maybe you got charged twice by mistake, or maybe the charge was higher than it should have been. Prevent these overcharges with a quick scan of your bill each month.

Fifth: When you look at your monthly credit card statements, you are able to monitor your spending habits. It’s so easy to spend money with our credit cards, but when we face the ‘damage’ each month by reading over what we’ve spent we may decide it’s time to control our impulses.

Maybe credit cards are too convenient!

When we are first starting out, we appreciate the convenience and credit building that credit cards have to offer. As we get older, we realize what a trap credit cards are. Let’s work hard to keep our credit card spending safer and under control by checking our monthly credit card statements.

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