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Welcome to Beyond Mere Survival!

Located in the Midwest United States, our community of researchers live out what we practice and learn. We are constantly exploring new ways to save money, become healthier, and live more fully.

We look for ways to thrive in our environment, not just the muggy summers but also the cold, snowy winters! In the city, urban areas, and country living as well. We also like to study how our environment compares to other regions across the US as we aim to help people everywhere.

We are excited to share what we have learned and how we live as well as learn from you too. Together, we can all learn to not just survive, but also thrive in these crazy times!

What Do We Research about at Beyond Mere Survival?

We explore the ways that everyone can become healthier and more self-sufficient. One of the biggest complaints we hear is that people can’t afford this. We understand! We are looking for ways not just to provide for ourselves, but to be able to do it more economically. We want to find ideas that work for everyone!

– Cook Healthier and More Economical
– Save More Money & Make More Money
– Joys of Homesteading
– Keep Healthy to Stay Healthy

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